Fellowship Bible Church


More than 30 years ago a group of like-minded individuals formed an independent, non-denominational church and named it Fellowship Bible Church. The institutional church hasn’t changed much in 300 years. For the most part, we follow a similar liturgy: some singing, some praying, some preaching, and some fellowship—all good things. But I’ve been wondering, is there a different way of worshiping; a different way of “doing church”? With that in mind: we know about and probably own an iPhone, iPod, or iPad;  So why not “iChurch?” All the things that we do at church—some singing, some praying, some teaching, and some fellowship—will be included, just a little differently. Here’s what you can expect to find at FBC 2.0, “iChurch.” 

  • Inclusive: No matter your background, you are welcome. And feel free to just come as you are.
  • Informational: Teaching that opens the Bible and opens the mind. Our motto is “…handling accurately the Word of Truth” (2nd Timothy 2:15) and knowing is growing.
  • Interactive: We learn best when there is feedback. Part of the teaching will involve question and answer sessions. And finally we hope that FBC 2.0, iChurch will become:
  • Irresistible: Come join us and we believe you will enjoy this approach to church.

                     "Accurately handling the Word of Truth"                                                                                                                                   (2nd Timothy 2:15)


Listen to Sunday Morning Messages here. Posted each Sunday afternoon.